Top 5 Tips to Survive Final Exams

1. Food

You need food to give you energy and make your brain work (simplest explanation ever). Have all your go-to snacks handy when your studying.

Just don’t go on a baking rampage while you’re supposed to be studying.

2. Laptop

You need all of your notes (on your laptop) to study.

Just don’t waste time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and any other sites that you can think of.

3. Study Timetable

Organise your time with a balance of studying and breaks. For example, study for 45 minutes and take a break for 15 minutes.

Just don’t study for 5 minutes and take a 2 hour break.

4. Your Friends

Create a little study group if you find it hard to study by yourself. You can help each other out and split up the content.

Just don’t meet up and talk the whole time, complain about exams, gossip about people and watch pointless videos on YouTube.

5. SpoonFeedMe

Do you have 12 weeks of content to cover and you have no idea where to start?

SpoonFeedMe has you covered by providing super short video lectures that are concise and include everything you need to know for your exams.


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