9 Things We Do When We Know Exams Are Coming

With one more week to go, the end of semester is fast approaching. And that means one thing – exams. With exams coming up in a few weeks, it might be time to get on top of all the things we need to finish and start studying, right? Well, maybe. As

5 stress foods we’re all guilty of eating

University is a stressful place – hectic timetables full of lectures and tutorials, with subjects full of homework, assignments and exams. It’s no wonder we’re a stressed-out bunch. As our free time is sucked up by all the evils our uni subjects have to inflict, we tend to turn

The How NOT to Prepare for an Exam Guide

All the wrong things we do when studying for exams 1) Get good night sleeps: getting into a good sleep routine is essential 2) Be healthy: excersie, eat properly, drink water and GO OUTSIDE! 3) Don't make plans you know you don't have time for: stop avoiding it, you have

9 Things To Do When Taking a Study Break

Whether you’re working on an assignment, writing notes or studying for exams, it’s important to take frequent breaks so you don’t overload your poor brain. Not only does stress diminish your ability to sleep, but studies have also found that it actually reduces your immune system’s

6 Things Everyone Studying a Language Understands

Studying at university can be hard – especially when you’re learning a language. Learning a language isn’t like memorising formulas to apply to problems, or remembering which philosopher said what – it is literally learning an entire language! Something completely embedded in a foreign culture, often one you are barely