9 Things We Do When We Know Exams Are Coming

With one more week to go, the end of semester is fast approaching. And that means one thing – exams. With exams coming up in a few weeks, it might be time to get on top of all the things we need to finish and start studying, right? Well, maybe.


As the horror of exams begin to approach, kindred spirits will understand the following 9 things we’ve come to expect from ourselves when we know exams are coming:

1) Tell ourselves we have to get our sh*t together

2) Master the art of procrastination like it’s an Olympic sport

3) Constantly look at all the things we have to do and say we’ll do them later

4) Never do anything “productive”

5) Take 5 minute breaks that somehow turn into 2 hour ones

6) Start the day off really motivated to do work but end the day somehow having done nothing

7) Decide it’s a really good time to get on top of the cleaning you’ve been putting off all semester

8) Clean your room for 10 minutes and spend the next hour playing with the things you’ve found

9) Stay up past midnight watching shows and movies, telling yourself you should really start studying…but after the episode has finished…or maybe after the season’s finished…

Don’t worry, guys. There’s still time to save semester…hopefully…


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