6 Tips to Survive Exams

We all think we know how uni works – we go to our lectures, tutes, and we should just absorb everything. But that’s not how it works. University (and lecturers, especially) are evil – they give you a deceptively immense workload and expect you to be able to memorise everything they teach, or fail.

If we’re going to survive uni, we have to stick together. Below are 6 exam survival tips to help you make it through semester, alive and unscathed:

1) Start early! Start studying regularly (even only a few hours a week) about 6 weeks before exams and you’ll have no need for those last-minute, caffeine-induced freak-outs that your friends will have

2) Make your own study notes. By writing everything yourself, in a way that you understand, your brain will become a sponge and studying will suddenly become so much easier.

3) Do your study notes regularly. Try writing them each night after your lectures. Not only will the actual process of writing them help to reinforce what you’ve learnt that day (especially physically writing), but when it comes time to study for the exams, your notes will be ready and waiting

4) Make a study timetable. It might seem like a chore to do at first, but by setting out specific times to study certain subjects and work on assignments, you’ll find so much free time to spend with your friends or watch that Game of Thrones episode you’ve been dying to see

5) Find a balance between school and life – don’t focus solely on uni. Go out and enjoy time with your friends or doing something you like, but don’t forget to study and do those pesky assignments. You’ll find uni to be so much easier once you’ve found your balance

6) Sleep! For god’s sake, sleep! Try to get at least 8 hours a night or your poor brain’ll be running on fumes.

Follow these tips and when exams finally roll around, you will be guaranteed to avoid those caffeine-induced freak-outs that your friends will be suffering from. While they’re all reaching their breaking points, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that your consistent work throughout semester has now culminated in freedom.


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