8 things we’ve all done when studying last-minute for exams

From the start of semester, we’re told to work consistently and regularly – study our subjects throughout semester, not just before exams. But there are so many of us that don’t listen.

“We’ll have time later,” we say. “We’ll survive,” we say.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. But, still, we like to believe it. And so these happen:

1) Mainlining caffeine to survive your all-nighter

2) Turning your “study” room into a food haven, complete with every piece of junk food you own

3) Reading your lecture notes for the first time and going “What is this…?”

4) Highlighting every piece of information in your notes – because it’s all important

5) Trying to make your own notes but not knowing what you need

6) Wandering around the house aimlessly and trolling Facebook to avoid studying

7) Watching the Sun rise and realising how little you’ve managed to do

8) Having an almost-out-of-body experience – your head is so foggy and nothing seems real but, somehow, you’re still (somewhat) conscious

Maybe studying last-minute isn’t the best idea…


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