Five Ways to Cut Study Time and Raise Your Scores

Five Ways to Cut Study Time

Sounds like a win-win situation doesn’t it? Just imagine spending less time hitting the books and having more time to yourself, and at no cost of failing scores. Prove it to yourself by making use of these five tips.

Tip 1: Don’t leave it till the last minute

If you have been procrastinating about studying for that exam and it’s come down to the wire, then you are going to have to dedicate a lot more study hours. Now you are under stress and it is much harder to learn when in this shape. Do yourself a favor and give yourself plenty of time to prepare for that test, and the end result will be less time studying.

Tip 2: Do some brain training

A lot of students find that when it comes time to study their mind goes blank. You might find that doing some fun brain training exercises to be a real help. There are lots of fun sites that you can go to for this, and it may really help your memory retention, which means less study time needed.

Tip 3: Know what your real study resources are

It’s really easy to log into your face book account to check out who has been commenting, and before you know it you have become distracted. You end up spending more time here than you should. Now it becomes difficult for you to return to the books to focus on your studying. Save the social networking for what it is meant for which is socializing and not your study time. Instead use the internet for using resources like SpoonFeedMe. Here you will find easy to follow video lectures prepared by A+ students that make studying a whole lot more interesting and faster. Thirteen weeks of study content can be fully covered in about eight hours. Take a break now and check out some free videos at

Tip 4: Forget about It

You can spend twice the time studying and not really absorbing it. If you have run into a memory snag during the allotted study time, then forget about it for now. Walk away, and come back to it when your mind is clearer. Maybe there is something on your mind that you should deal with first so you can make some brain room to absorb what it is that you have to learn.

Tip 5: Don’t burn the midnight oil

This applies to both studying and socializing. You can’t expect to be able to learn quickly if you are tired, because you have been out socializing the night before. Even if you haven’t, don’t leave your study time to be completed too late into the evening. If you do then as soon as you sit down to study your body goes into relax mode, and guess what you can hardly keep your eyes open.


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