The 6 Types of People That Will Make Your Group Assignments Hell

During your years of study, it is inevitable that you will experience the torment of the group assignment. If you’ve ever done one, you’ll be very familiar with these feels:

Here are the types of people you’ll encounter as team members

1. The ‘my way or the highway’

They take control and quite frankly, you’re not complaining.

2. The ‘shows up an hour late to meetings and acts like nothings wrong’

3. The ‘slacker’

4. The ‘ghost’

Did they every actually exist?

5. The one that sneakily picks the easiest topic

6. The ‘one you have a secret crush on’

Your only solution to get through group assignments is to make sure your buddy is with you. That way you can spend your time together looking at everyone else like this

Otherwise beware of the wrath that is the group assignment and good luck. You’ll need it.


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