11 Things All Procrastinators Are Guilty Of

From sleeping to studying, we always think we’ll have enough time to do things. And so we put things off to do later. Assignments, homework, bedtime – there’s always time for that later. This, ladies and gentlemen, is “procrastination”.

Procrastination sucks up your free time and makes you think everything is fine until it’s not. It makes sure the full weight of your assignments doesn’t hit you until just before they’re due – and then it hits you like the Hulk.

Below are the top 11 things procrastinators are guilty of. If you find something (or many things) in this list that you’re guilty of when trying to do work, it might be time to admit the truth - you are a procrastinator.

1) Wishing you could do work but telling yourself there’s tonnes of time to do it later

2) Watching just one more episode of that TV show

3) Mindlessly trolling Facebook posts and hating how everyone seems to have free time

4) Reading numerous (useless) online articles because it's important to “learn” something

5) Cyber-stalking celebrities online because they seem so much more successful than you

6) “Studying” with friends

7) Eating everything in the kitchen just so you don’t need to go back to work

8) Stockpiling chocolate on your table and watching it disappear almost instantly

9) Cursing yourself for loving chocolate so much

10) Wishing you had more chocolate

11) Raiding the kitchen again to find any chocolate you missed

Not only does procrastination suck up your free time when you eventually do get around to doing those pesky assignments, but they also cause so much unneeded stress. Break the cycle now, and you’ll find a sudden abundance of free time.

Take it from a professional procrastinator.


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