8 things we’ve all done when studying last-minute for exams

From the start of semester, we’re told to work consistently and regularly – study our subjects throughout semester, not just before exams. But there are so many of us that don’t listen. “We’ll have time later,” we say. “We’ll survive,” we say. Sadly, that’s not always

11 Things All Procrastinators Are Guilty Of

From sleeping to studying, we always think we’ll have enough time to do things. And so we put things off to do later. Assignments, homework, bedtime – there’s always time for that later. This, ladies and gentlemen, is “procrastination”. Procrastination sucks up your free time and makes you think

7 Things We’ve All Done After Realising Assignments Are Due

Being a uni student is all fun and games until it comes time to turn in assignments, then the real games begin. When it comes to work, we’re the masters of procrastination but that’s probably not a good thing… 1) Realising your assignments are due tomorrow 2) Reading